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The preprint paper describing this method is referenced below.
You can see some examples in the bottom of the page.

Get the source code now at GitHub.

Want to see how it works?
Give ML-SIM a try with your own images - simply drop them in the box below. You can also use the ML-SIM Test Images that consist of simulated images and data from two distinct microscopes (SLM-based and interferometric, respectively).

Note that the currently served model is trained on 9-frame SIM stacks of 512x512 resolution.

Perform SIM reconstruction

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See the difference between reconstructions from
ML-SIM and standard wide-field microscopy.

Test of ML-SIM posted on Twitter.

Calibration structured illumination image of beads.

Test image with simulated diffraction and illumination patterns.

Structured illumination image of endoplasmic reticulum.